Raining Cats and Dogs

Live Design offers an extensive behind-the-scenes look at the 2016 Phish gag.

Read the original story within the Live Design digital magazine (pp. 64–83).
See the photo gallery.

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It’s All in the Details

Stage Directions takes a close look at the details of David Gallo’s Jitney set on Broadway.

Read the original story within the Stage Directions digital magazine.

Bringing Immersive Theater to China

Based on the classic Peter Pan, Neverland introduced Chinese audiences to immersive theater in a 50,000 square foot venue. Production design by David Gallo.

Watch the trailer
See a CCTV feature
Go behind-the-scenes at the second USA workshop

Bringing the Hill District to Broadway

The New York Times profiles David Gallo’s set for Jitney (on Broadway at the Samuel J. Friedman Theater, directed by Ruben Santiago-Hudson).

Original article by Erik Piepenburg, February 9, 2017.
See also the Times’ review of the show.

From Concept to Gag Reality

After David Gallo created and directed Phish’s 2016 New Year’s Eve “gag” at Madison Square Garden, Live for Live Music showcased a comparison of David’s concept storyboards side-by-side with photos of the event.

Original article by Dave Melamed, January 2, 2017.
See also this Live for Live Music article about the rain effect.

Sesame Street’s New Set

Live Design covers David Gallo’s redesign of the classic Sesame Street set.

Read the original article by Meghan Perkins, May 19, 2015 (requires free registration to view full article).

Phish Throws Wildest NYE Golf Cart Garden Party Ever!

David Gallo was creative director for Phish’s New Year’s Eve “gag” at Madison Square Garden, “a raucous four-and-a-half hour celebration replete with ping pong ball cannons, speeding golf carts, scantily-clad sunbathers, dancing dwarfs, backflipping acrobats, and a small ocean of balloons unleashed from the ceiling at the stroke of midnight.”

Official behind-the-scenes video.
Original article with images and video from gothamist.com, January 2013.

Nutty Professor Scenic Designer Gallo Creates Story Canvas

Profile of The Nutty Professor‘s scenic designer: “Gallo has many facets to his work, but at heart he’s one thing—a storyteller.”

Original article with images and video in Artsnash.com, July 23, 2012.

Stated Magazine Profiles David Gallo

Stated magazine profiles David Gallo, “among the preeminent designers working in theater and live events of the past 25 years.”

Original article in statedmag.com, July 2012.

Designing Broadway: David Gallo’s Scenic Design for The Mountaintop

The award-winning designer on recreating MLK’s hotel room for The Mountaintop

Video from Broadway.com, November 7, 2011.